A Unique Display

My thrift store stocks all kinds of merchandise, mostly for personal and home use. This includes furniture and fixtures, china and glassware, clothing and shoes, and small appliances. I also have decorative objects like lamps, figurines, pretty wood boxes, and silver antique items like spoons and serving platters. It is an eclectic collection to be sure. You never know what someone will bring in for sale.

The other day I got a lot of camo clothing, short for camouflage of course. This sort of stuff is very popular and easy to sell. It practically flies out the door. It looks military even though the clothing is for hunting. Nevertheless, I took the time to make a clever display out it including some extra army equipment I had such as a helmet. It looked super cool and the display was near the front door so people walking in saw it immediately. It didn’t take long for the items to disappear in the hands of customers. Young people, male and female, all like to wear camo clothing to look hip. I have to get more of this, hunting or military.

It was so successful that I put an ad in the small local paper for camo clothing and other hunting gear apart from guns. I would then advertise a special in the same paper to sell it all off. I like theme merchandise as it appeals to different buyers. You have to follow the trends when you have a vintage store so you don’t get saddled with a lot of useless inventory. The regular household stuff sells any way but if you want to lure customers, you have to be known to handle unusual stock. I didn’t have to wait long for the camo items to start appearing in the store as there are a lot of hunters in the region. If they want to make a fast buck they will take the trip, even for ten miles, to show me their wares. I can practically promise them that they will reap a profit. When they do, they go out looking for more from friends and neighbors. This keeps the ball rolling and constant merchandise arriving at the shop.

I have fun making unusual displays so when I have a fair number of items, it makes it easier. I can select the best and as things sell, I replace them with more. This has become a regular business and has helped keep the doors open. It was originally rather sporadic but has now become one of my specialties. I want clothing in good wearable condition with no rips or tears. So, I weed through piles of clothing that are brought to me to find the quality items. Then the negotiating begins so there is a fair price for me and the seller. I pride myself on being honest and above board. I know what I can sell things for and still make a little profit.

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