About Me & My Vintage Sunshine Clothing Blog

My name is Sally and I’ve decided to start my own little blog to tell people about my little shop and all the interesting things that happen here from day to day. Well, first a few words about me and how I got to this place.

I attended a community college and had the initial intention of becoming a teacher, but because of a failed first “big” romance, I somehow lost interest. During that period, money was always tight. My big love turned out to be on the lazy side and probably to this day doesn’t have a stable job. So I went to work in a fast food place to help meet our needs, and as result of that, I began to look for ways to save a few pennies.

It happened that two doors down in the strip mall where I worked, a small thrift store had recently opened. It had a cute name, Second Hand Rose, and one day, simply out of curiosity, I stopped in after work, just to see what it was all about.

That was a real eye-opener. Well, there was a lot of merchandise I’d have to label as junk, but on the other hand, I found some really nice little blouses and an old copy of “The Little Prince”. We had read this charming little book in school, and although I didn’t plan to read it again at the moment, the nostalgia was so great that I bought it too.

That visit to Second Hand Rose got me started and pretty soon I was keeping an eye open for thrift shops every place I went, and there were plenty to choose from. That was the beginning of my life as a thrift store addict. I quickly realized that the city was full of thrift stores of all sizes and qualities. Many had charming chatty owners who loved to visit and most of them didn’t appear to care whether I bought anything or not. As my “lover” drifted off in one direction, I drifted off into this new world that really appealed to me. After a year, I had saved enough money to rent a tiny store and had already decided on its name: Vintage Sunshine Clothing. So here I am today, writing during the quiet moments (plenty of those), to amuse not only myself, but others too…I hope!