Angel? Well…

Overall, yesterday turned out to be a profitable day. I had quite a few sales and several women brought in clothing their children had outgrown. Some of it appeared to be brand new. Now and then a man brings in items as well, but that’s fairly unusual. But there was one—I can’t say highlight, but rather lowlight however.

Yesterday an interesting if slightly unpleasant occurrence took place fairly early in the day. A young woman came in looking for tiny dresses. But she didn’t have any children…yet. What she had instead with a tiny dog and yes, she wanted to find a cute little dress to put on it so she could have some photographs taken. Well, while that is a bit strange, I’m flexible.

Looking around for something that might fit the dog, she set little Angel (that was its name, I learned), on the floor, we were rummaging around among some clothing when out of the corner of my eye I saw Angel assume a squatting position and while I shrieked and the woman jerked, we both watched in horror as Angel made a nasty little mess on the floor just as two other women entered the shop.

Needless to say, the two women stopped in their tracks and then immediately left without saying a word while Angel’s “mother” began shedding tears in her frustration and embarrassment.

“Hey,” I told her, “Angel’s still a baby and that’s what baby’s do…do. It’s no big deal.”

So while she picked Angel up and held her tightly, I got tissues from the bathroom and cleaned up the mess. Then I sprayed it well with some spray cleaner I have that contains bleach and soon the mess had disappeared along with Angel and her “mom”. I had been so busy cleaning I hadn’t even noticed!

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