Closing Routine

Few of us are rich enough to avoid house cleaning throughout our lives. It is a luxury indeed to hire someone to do the job. I even know people who hire crews to get a residence sparkling clean. That costs a pretty penny. So, guess what. I have been doing it myself for many years and have garnered a few tips and tricks. You can also find loads of information on line so you never have to miss a beat no matter what the task at hand may be. I like having to take much time on cleaning day. Anything that hastens the routine is welcome by me. If I have a really big job like cleaning the oven or the refrigerator, I often invite a friend or relative over for lunch and we tackle it all in an afternoon together. The lunch is a draw because who on earth wants to help another person clean. I also prune the hedges in the yard and plant seasonal flowers when needed. This I do alone. It takes a few hours and I’m done. But it seems like house cleaning is never ending. As a result, I try to keep an neat and orderly household. This minimizes doing the same task repeatedly.

Most of my most valuable tips revolve around the vacuum. I have the upright kind with numerous attachments. First, you can flip a lever and switch the large tool with an open vent to a brush for wood or tile floors. Thus, the tool never scratches the surface being cleaned. Most of the best vacuum cleaners have this option or you will have to change the attachment which is less convenient. Take a tip from me and don’t get that kind. There is only so much bending over you will want to do. Then there is the crevice tool that gets the sofa and stuffed chairs free of loose debris. I like to use it in small crannies where larger tools don’t fit for example along your baseboards. An alternative for this area is the brush attachment on a long pole. It will get the dust off the baseboard itself and the adjacent flooring. It is one of my most favorite tools. I even use it to dust wood furniture, especially if it is a heavy coating. If you have a ceiling fan, it does well on the blades if you don’t want to use a duster alone.

A good vacuum is a miracle worker and most people can’t live without it. Don’t skimp on the cost. You get what you pay for. I like an all-in-one machine that covers all tasks. Sure, you can wax your kitchen floor or any wood floors in other rooms, and that requires a different protocol. For most other cleaning chores that involve dirt and dust, go with the vacuum of your choice. The Shark and Dyson are known to be quality appliances. Store them in a kitchen or hall closet and pull your vacuum out conveniently on cleaning day.

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