Grand Opening of Vintage Sunshine Clothing

Here I am, sitting quietly at my desk in the corner of my shop now, and since I have a lot of very quiet moments during the day, I decided to amuse myself, and maybe I can amuse you, by writing a little blog, if not every day, at least as the mood strikes me. Believe it or not, sometimes interesting events turn up even in a little shop in an average—well, maybe slightly below average—strip mall.


My thrift shop began in a vague sort of way, but I quickly realized that the average thrift store, piled with every sort of merchandise was too confusing for me, and the more I saw little kids running around, the more I began to home in on the kind of shop I really wanted. Little by little, I moved away from trying to operate a thrift store selling just about anything to children’s clothing. As many a mother came in telling me how quickly her baby was growing and expressing her need for larger clothing, I began to ask what they did with the outgrown clothing. To my amazement, most of them had no idea at all, and the idea was born. Okay, maybe it wasn’t an earth-shattering idea, but I liked it. I decided to focus on taking consignments of children’s clothing.

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