Love My Regulars!

I have a small thrift store, or what some people call a vintage shop. It is full of all kinds of items from furniture and clothing to costume jewelry and rugs. I am always on the lookout for new things to replace sold inventory. This takes a lot of time and running around the neighborhood. I am game to go too far away places to get a good haul. It is a modest business but it keeps me going and pays the rent.

Sometimes I am surprised by my good luck. This means that the new pieces move fast and I turn a profit. Other times I have to offer a discount to regular customers to keep them coming back. You must have a strategy like any business. I think my consistent quality has added to my already favorable reputation. People want to save money any way they can these days. When it comes to furnishing an apartment, there is no better place than my shop. It serves the community well and fits in nicely with the adjacent services like the cleaners, the hair salon, and the liquor store. We are a little complex on a semi-busy street. I love my regulars.

Last week, on a slow day, a customer came in with a used desk to sell on consignment. I agreed as it was a good size for most apartments and was a useful piece of furniture that many people would want. The wood was a medium grain and it had no scratches or any other damage to the surface. The legs were stable and it came with a small office chair. The seat was leather but could easily be reupholstered with a nice print fabric. That would dress up any spare room.

I loved the set and felt I could sell it quickly after a few phone calls. But in looking at it some more, I decided that it would be perfect for my own use in the back room. I had an ugly metal computer stand and my laptop and printer would fit nicely on this desk. I made an offer to the customer and bought the desk and chair on sight. It was a low price as the customer was not looking to make a huge profit, but just to get rid of something that was no longer of use.

I enjoy seeing the new set whenever I retreat to my office. I feel that I have really spruced up the space. I got rid of some lingering junk and cleared off the shelves. I now had a real professional environment. I am displaying some of my classier items like ceramics and glassware on the shelves and I invite visitors back from time to time. I just have to keep it neat and tidy. I find that I am at my new desk more often than I used to be at the computer stand. I have a little vase of flowers in one corner.

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