That Vintage Smell…

I have a small thrift shop, also known as a vintage store, that I run daily all on my own. I take care of buying and selling and cleaning up on a regular basis. This keeps me busy: I am never idle. There is always something. For example, I am in an area that consists of many types of local businesses and believe it or not, smells from some of them permeate my shop. We are that close together so it is inevitable. When it is food, it is super annoying. I don’t want my customers to think that I never clean. I had to do something about the foul air. It isn’t all the time but often enough. It can accumulate and override my vintage smell. That kind of smell is a bit musty, characteristic of my kind of shop. But other smells have their own quality and it isn’t always good.

One day a customer remarked on the odor and I was mortified. I tried to pass it off, but he kept on mentioning it. He did stay, however, and bought a few items. But I can imagine a scenario wherein a shopper leaves because of the smell. I want that vintage smell back all on its own. I thought long and hard about how to take care of it. I couldn’t complain to neighboring stores as the smells are part and parcel of their environment. I got a suggestion from a helpful friend. Get an air purifier for dust removal to clean up the air. They work wonders.

I went online as I always do when I need something practical and found quite a variety of styles and sizes. I read the description and testimonials and finally decided on a particular brand. It would arrive in three days if I paid extra. It did arrive as expected and was easy to set up and place at the back of the store. It had a little motor and the appliance rotated right and left so it covered the entire footage of the store. It was very effective as far as I could tell in no time flat. The proof was that customers mentioned how clean it smelled compared to the last time they were in the shop. If you get the right size, one air purifier of sufficient size can do the job. I immediately thought about getting one for my home. I would buy a small size for the kitchen from where most household odors arise. If you do a lot of cooking, you know what I mean. If you don’t take out the trash daily you know what I mean.

I am perfectly happy with this solution and things have returned to normal in the store. I am no longer anxious about what I will encounter when I first open the door each day. I turn on the purifier first thing and then get down to business as usual. I love working in a clean-smelling environment.

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