The Game Changing Lady

One of my first projects involved a mother who came originally from Mexico. She had a crib in the back of her car that she wanted to leave on consignment. I helped her get this thing out of the back. It had all been taken apart, of course, to fit it into her car.

Back inside, we spent over an hour, both of us, trying to get the crib reassembled, but in the end, we managed and actually it was in very nice condition. She explained that her baby was now in school and the crib had just been taking up space in their tiny apartment for several years. Seeing my shop, she had decided to have me sell it on consignment. She sadly explained that her doctor told her she could have no more children. Well, although this wasn’t exactly children’s clothing, it came close, to that afternoon; I thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the entire crib and offered it for sale right in the front window.

Wow! Two hours later I had sold the crib to an expectant mom and when I called the owner she too was elated. We both made a little money all in one day. From that day on, I decided to expand my approach from children’s clothing, to anything to do with children that was in good, clean condition. That included furniture, toys and of course, clothing.

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