Unwinding After a Long Day

I like work, mind you, but after a long, hard day I look forward to peace and quiet and a nice glass of wine. I don’t really have a home bar, just a wooden wine rack that holds a dozen bottles. I keep it at one end of the kitchen next to the countertop where I place various accessories such as my cool automatic cork remover. It is so easy and fun to use. I look for specials at the wine mart and grocery store to replenish my inventory. I don’t go through more than one bottle per week so it is an occasional chore. I like to invite friends over to partake and when this happens, I use up maybe two or more. But, the guests bring a bottle as a hostess gift and bam! I am restocked. Everyone wants to unwind so I never get a no.

In warm weather, we take the bottle opener with us outside as we lounge in the big patio chairs. One after the other, a new bottle is uncorked. I really look forward to the camaraderie. The guest list includes family, friends, neighbors, and sometimes colleagues. We all fight to see who gets to use the automatic cork remover. In colder weather, we retreat inside to the den to listen to some music or watch a movie or even ball game. This latter choice occurs when our favorite team is playing. We are loyal fans and make time during the season.

An automatic cork remover is a great gift for the wine aficionado. When you are struggling for ideas and a bottle of wine isn’t enough, add in this little accessory. It will be appreciated. If you have been to the recipient’s home, you will know if they already have one. In that case, try a red wine aerator which are fast becoming ubiquitous and popular. There is nothing like the perfect gift. Otherwise, when you are invited out, bring snacks like good nuts or crudité to go with the wine.

I can relax alone of course and that is most often how I pass my early evenings after work. I can read a good back while I sip my favorite wine. I like to vary this, however, and alternate between red and white. They say that red is healthy since it contains natural antioxidants. At my stage in life, it doesn’t matter that much since I like both. And the gifts I get include red and white alike. A good meal is the perfect accompaniment to wine and I either get takeout, heat leftovers, and take the time to cook. I can just have some cheese and crackers or pâté. I love the creamy kind but won’t turn up my nose as the country style.

Let me tell you that there is nothing like a good wine on any given day. You will want to start learning about wine and attending tastings in local wineries.

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